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Rabaab is the best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam that offers Indian and Indonesian food with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery facilities. Enjoy Your meal today with us in the heart of Amsterdam near to central station, Our food is served with the authentic and classic taste of the Indian spices to our customers like how the authentic classic music of the Rabaab was served to the Indian population up to the European population. Rabaab offers a unique combination of authentic Indian and Indonesian dishes. In a pleasant ambiance, you can enjoy Indian cuisine with its tandoori, curries, naan bread, and various vegetarian dishes at Rabaab Indian vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam. But of course, also the many Indonesian Rames dishes and the famous rice tables and our friendly and well-trained staff is always looking forward to welcoming and serving our customers.
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Frequently Asked Qusetion

1. As an Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam, what would you prefer if we want something full of flavours but don’t want to get full with it?

Given that India is a foodie nation, there is a meal scheduled for every hour of the day, and food is available everywhere. Even Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam and many other foreign countries frequently serve popular Indian street cuisine as appetizers.

  • Bhajji: Also known as pakoras, bhaji are spicy chickpea batter dollops that are deep-fried and eaten with green parsley chutney and Hot ginger Chai. There are many kinds of pakoras that you munch on during the Rainy season with hot chai and some of these are Aalo Bhaiji, Palak bhaji, and Onion Bhajji. In onion bhaji, finely sliced onions are combined with chickpea batter and deep-fried until they are perfectly crispy.
  • Samosa: The samosa is yet another well-known Indian street snack. Samosas are made of dough that is wrapped around a little amount of spicily flavorful potato or meat filling and deep-fried till crispy and flaky. This snack is served with Red Sweet Chutney and Green parsley chutney and not to forget our very own ginger Tea..
2. My Roommate is Indian and he keeps on bragging about this Indian Bread Naan. So, can the Best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam explain what exactly this Naan Bread is?

India primarily consumes flatbreads as bread. What they are termed depends on how they are prepared or the sort of flour that is used to make them. One of the most well-known Indian flatbreads is naan. Wheat flour dough is created for naans either by letting it rise with yeast or by mixing yogurt into the dough. The flatbreads made from the dough are then baked in a tandoor, an Indian oven. Then these delicious flatbreads are served hot with any kind of curry dishes like Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta, and many other side dishes you wish to taste. If you are living anywhere near Amsterdam or traveling to Amsterdam then you can try this amazing flatbread from Rabaab, the Best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam.

3. Is there anything sweet in Indian culture and specifically in South India? Where can I find a good Indian restaurant in Amsterdam to try delicious dishes?

Here’s everything About Indian Mithais (desserts). Indian holidays and celebrations wouldn’t be complete without mithais, and Indian desserts are among the tastiest yet most irresistible sweets. Mithais are more than just sweet sweets; they are a feeling, an indulgence for happy occasions, and a celebration of fresh starts. So, this is just a quick introduction to the several kinds of mithais that are famous both globally and locally.

Here are 5 North Indian Sweet dishes that you must try

  • Gulab Jamun
  • Jalebi
  • Ras Malai
  • Kheer
  • Kulfi

Mithais also play a significant role in South Indian cuisine and festivities. At ceremonial gatherings like weddings, payasam, one of South India’s favourite sweet delicacies, must be served. A wedding is not considered to be over until Payasam is served. Also, You can taste delicious desserts at Rabaab, a good Indian restaurant in Amsterdam.

4. I want to ask top Indian restaurants in Amsterdam about What I can eat for breakfast if I crave Indian taste?

The top recommendation of top Indian restaurants in Amsterdam is Masala Dosa. You can Masala Dosa Recipe which is a well-liked breakfast item in most parts of India, especially in Southern India. It consists of a thinly wrapped crepe made of rice that is stuffed with potato Palya and topped with a delectable red chilli chutney made from roasted grains.

This spicy dosa tastes even better when paired with Mixed Vegetable Sambar, which is nutrient-rich in various veggies. The selection of vegetables can also be made depending on preference. Many Serve this dish along with the delectable South Indian Coconut Chutney, too.
There are a variety of other breakfast dishes you should. You can even try Idli, Paranthas, and Aloo Puri if you are craving Indian flavors.

5. Where Can I find a Indian restaurant in Amsterdam having cheap price?

Rabaab serves your craving with the aroma and flavor of Indian cuisine. Stop by Rabaab, an Indian restaurant in Amsterdam has a low price, whether you are in Amsterdam or want to visit Amsterdam.
The goal has always been to incorporate the best of India into each of our dishes, so that everyone may enjoy the ancient heritage that this great country has to offer; and FOOD is a viable approach to attain this.? In terms of flavor, aroma, and color, as well as history, India’s traditional cuisine is diverse.

Opening an Indian-style restaurant was the best option for bringing these roots closer to Amsterdam because Indian cuisine beautifully portrays the unique blend of Indian culture. We want you to have an explosion of flavors and colors on your tongue, but we also want to bring an individual Indian spirituality closer to you at Rabaab.

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